Managua Airport

Statistics on airlines delays and punctuality

In order to better inform passengers flying from or to Managua, we record in a database all flights who have suffered delays at takeoff or landing. Here you will find the main flights concerned.

The biggest delays recently noted:

Order by:
AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
5X378 on X/04/2020
506 on X/03/2020
5X365 on X/03/2020
5X365 on X/03/2020
M6838 on X/03/2020
TA491 on X/03/2020
506 on X/03/2020
TA491 on X/03/2020
508 on X/03/2020
TA491 on X/03/2020
5X365 on X/03/2020
508 on X/03/2020
TA491 on X/03/2020
TA491 on X/02/2020
5X365 on X/02/2020
506 on X/02/2020
1506 on X/02/2020
100 on X/02/2020
5X365 on X/02/2020
5X365 on X/02/2020
5X378 on X/02/2020
5X357 on X/02/2020
TA491 on X/02/2020
508 on X/02/2020
TA491 on X/02/2020
TA491 on X/01/2020
NK439 on X/01/2020
5X357 on X/01/2020
M6878 on X/01/2020
CM712 on X/01/2020
AA993 on X/01/2020
TA397 on X/01/2020
CM826 on X/01/2020
TA491 on X/01/2020
M6760 on X/01/2020
5X376 on X/01/2020
UA1433 on X/12/201916mn
AA928 on X/12/201911mn
5D651 on X/12/20195mn
TA490 on X/12/20194mn
TA396 on X/12/20195mn
AG931 on X/12/20196mn
CM407 on X/12/201919mn
CM163 on X/12/20194mn
GU708 on X/11/201929mn
TA397 on X/11/201916mn
5X379 on X/08/20195mn
5D651 on X/07/201914mn
AA928 on X/07/20199mn
GU708 on X/07/201918mn
TA314 on X/04/201911mn
5D651 on X/04/20192mn
TA397 on X/04/201910mn
AA994 on X/03/20191h17mn
TA397 on X/03/201920mn
AA2592 on X/03/20191h24mn
CM105 on X/03/20197mn
NK494 on X/03/201928mn
5X379 on X/03/20191h11mn
UA1433 on X/03/20191h10mn
AA928 on X/03/20191h6mn
TA396 on X/03/201914mn
CM407 on X/03/20195mn
CM163 on X/03/201910mn
5X365 on X/03/2019
M6839 on X/03/2019
5X357 on X/03/201911mn
CM105 on X/03/201911mn
AA2592 on X/03/20191h9mn
UA1433 on X/03/20191h3mn
AA928 on X/03/201950mn
5D651 on X/03/20196mn
TA396 on X/03/20199mn
CM163 on X/03/201916mn
CM710 on X/03/20195mn
AA994 on X/03/20191h16mn
TA314 on X/03/201910mn
TA397 on X/03/20198mn
on X/03/2019
V07500 on X/02/2019
TA397 on X/02/201911mn
AA2592 on X/02/201941mn
CM105 on X/02/20192h52mn
AA928 on X/02/20198mn
5D651 on X/02/201915mn
TA396 on X/02/20197mn
CM407 on X/02/201918mn
CM163 on X/02/20192mn
AA994 on X/02/20198mn
TA314 on X/02/201914mn
TA314 on X/02/20197mn
TA397 on X/02/201959mn
AA2592 on X/02/201917mn
CM105 on X/02/20192h49mn
NK494 on X/02/201925mn
UA1433 on X/02/201916mn
AA928 on X/02/20195mn
TA396 on X/02/201923mn
CM407 on X/02/201911mn
CM163 on X/02/20199mn
AA994 on X/02/20196mn
5X365 on X/01/2019
V07500 on X/01/2019
M6878 on X/01/2019
Weather in Managua

Partly cloudy
Humidity: 37%
Wind: ESE at 15km/h
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